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Your First Visit

Dr. Clive and Fiona welcoming you to the front deskArriving at our clinic you will be greeted warmly and asked to fill out a health questionnaire about your health in general and the specific problem that brings you to see us.

The Doctor will run through your questionnaire and ask for further relevant details. A physical examination then takes place. You will not be asked to undress and a series of orthopedic and neurological tests will be performed. If the results prove conclusive, then you will be accepted as a patient and all findings will be explained to you prior to care beginning.

If yours is not a chiropractic case then you will receive a referral letter to the relevant practitioner best suited to deal with your issue.

Please allow up to half an hour for your first appointment.

(Note: We treat 99% of patients on their first visit).

To view what the Second Visit looks like please click here.

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Naas Chiropractic Clinic

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